Letter by John Allerdes on the lands of Ardgrane (1485)

Ancient texts describing the lands of Ardgrain in 1495

Taken from Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff (Vol III) 1857 - Page 32.

Note: The below translation should not be taken as fully correct - the Scots translation may not be perfect. I would welcome any corrections through our contact page.

Letter by John Allerdes of that Ilk on the lands of Ardgrane (1485)

Be it Kend tile al men... me Jhone of Allerdes of that ilk... trewly byndis and obleisis me myne airis and myne assignaiis tile ane nobile man Alexander Irvin of Drum and til his airis and assignaiis as forsamekle that the said Alexander Irvin of Drum has gifen...

Let it be known to all men... I John of the Allerdes family... truly joins and obliges me and my heirs and my beneficiaries until(?) one Nobleman Alexander Irvin of Drum and his heirs and beneficiaries of the same, that Alexander Irvin of Drum has given...

and in few ferme has lattin to me myne airis and assignaiis heretabilly al and sindry the landis of Fulzemond witht thair pertinens lyand in the barony of Auchindour within the shirefdome of Abirdene in warandeis and sickirness of the landis of the twa part of Ardgrane witht thair pertinens lyand in the earldome of Buchane within the shirefdome of Abirdine under this condition and cass gife it sall happin me myne airis or assignaiis to be...

and in a few farms has let to me, my heirs and hereditary beneficiaries, all and sundry the lands of Fuzemond with their pertinent lands, and the Barony of Auchindour within the Shire of Aberdeen (in warrant and sickness?) of the lands of the two parts of Ardgrain with their pertinent lands and the Earldom of Buchan within the Shire of Aberdeen under this condition and this case given shall happen to me, my heirs, or beneficiaries to be...


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