Local Pictures

  • Duff House, Banff

    Historic Buildings

    Aberdeenshire has a vast collection of stunning historic buildings. These buildings are an important part of Scotland's heritage, and many are now open to the public.

    From our great civic architecture and national monuments to simpler buildings in burghs and villages, historic buildings represent an important link to Aberdeenshire's past.

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  • Bartholomew Map of Ellon 1933


    Old maps are snapshots in time, capturing the lay of the land and the buildings which exist at a given moment in history.

    Our growing Maps collection centres on the market town of Ellon, with the earliest map dating back to 1640, complete with Feudal Baronies, castles and churches, many of which still exist today.

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  • Cairn Gorm

    Scottish Scenery

    Aberdeenshire has it all, from rugged snow capped mountains, to picturesque valleys and moorlands, and tranquil lochs, burns and streams.

    Our Scottish Scenery galleries have a wide selection of Aberdeenshire's finest views, including Bennachie, the Falls of Feugh and the stunning Cairngorm mountains.

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  • Barn Owls

    Scottish Wildlife

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  • Peterhead Bay

    Towns and Villages

    Aberdeenshire has a rich and varied built heritage, with a wide range of architectural styles on offer. Many of the coastal settlements can trace their roots back to traditional fishing villages. Further inland the crofting communities gradually grew in size to become the towns they are today.

    Aberdeen itself swelled in the 1970's thanks to the North Sea oil boom, and many of the surrounding towns and villages like Banchory, Ellon and Inverurie became popular commuter towns, serving the the Granite City.

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  • Old English Mastiff Puppy

    Old English Mastiffs

    Meet the Ardgrain Old English Mastiffs, Loki and Oskar.

    Old English Mastiffs are today known as gentle giants, but the breed can be traced to Roman times. 'Molossers' were used as dogs of war - most were released as a first wave of attack before the soldiers moved in to finish off what enemy remained.

    They were known in Britain as early as the 6th century BC, and are thought to be one of the earliest British breeds.

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