Weather Stations

Weather Station Info

The weather stations featured on Ardgrain are part of a growing collection of home weather stations now available for reasonable cost to the weather enthusiast. Most modern weather stations are digital where remote sensors feed data to an indoor base station. The simplest might only record outdoor temperatures, whereas more professional systems can take temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, solar and precipitation amounts. Some even come with a pond thermometer to alert you to a freezing fish pond in winter.

Two of the most popular professional home weather station brands are Davis and Oregon Scientific. We feature both makes on the Ardgrain site, the Gardenstown weather station is an Oregon Scientific and the Inverurie weather station (kindly provided by is a Davis.

Oregon Scientific WMR928

The Oregon Scientific WMR928 (European version of the WMR968) which feeds our Gardenstown weather station pages is a wireless weather station. The base station has a touchscreen LCD backlit display and interfaces with a PC through a serial connection. Sensors which come as standard include inside and outside temperatures, barometer, wind speed and direction, rain gauge and hygrometer. The WMR928 has now been replaced by the Oregon Scientific WMR200.

Davis Vantage Pro

The Davis Vantage Pro complete weather station which feeds our Inverurie weather pages is also a wireless weather station. As with the Oregon WMR928, the Davis Vantage Pro is being discontinued to be replaced by the Davis Vantage Pro2. The Davis Vantage Pro weather station has an  integrated sensor suite which combines rain collector, temperature, humidity sensors and anemometer into one package.