Frequently Asked Questions

I have a local website too. Do you want to exchange links?

Yes, we'd be more than happy to exchange links with you. We have a growing list of reciprocal links. To reach an even wider audience for your Aberdeenshire business charity or website, free of charge, why not also send through an ad for inclusion in the Aberdeenshire Guide.

Why don't you charge for adverts in the Aberdeenshire Guide? What is the catch?

There isn't a catch. Our Aberdeenshire Guide adverts are 100% free. Ardgrain is a local website which aims to promote Aberdeenshire to a wider audience and to provide a local focal point for information. We don't want to charge you for this.

(Nor do we want to build a huge but meaningless list of local businesses by harvesting information from the web without permission. We could do, but we'd just end up with a directory the same as 99% of those already out there. Our pages aim to offer a little bit more, because each and every business has chosen to be included.)

But aren't websites like this very expensive to host?

Our website does receive huge amounts of traffic (in the left menu you can see how many people are online right now). This volume of traffic can make hosting quite costly. We offset some of the website costs by showing a few Google adverts on selected pages, which we hope you don't mind.

We also welcome small donations to help with the ongoing website costs. Just click on the "buy me a beer logo" on the right hand side to make a small paypal donation if you want to support us.

I saw a Google advert which isn't quite suited to a family site like this...

The only minor downside to showing Google adverts is we cannot preview ads before they appear.

We try to monitor the adverts every day, but some less appropriate ads do occasionally slip through - mostly dating and singles adverts. The best way to help us remove these is to right-click on the advert and copy the link, then contact us and send though the link. We will then take action to block this ad.

What are the webcams you use?

We use D-Link DCS 2120 IP cameras, which have proved to be very robust and high quality so far. They upload images automatically, only needing a broadband connection. Being IP cameras they can upload images without the need for a PC to be running all the time. You can read more about our IP webcams here.

I am interested in setting up an Aberdeenshire webcam, can I host this through the Ardgrain site?

Assuming your webcam is compatible (most IP cameras are), we'd be happy to discuss hosting your webcam on the Ardgrain website. You can read more about our webcam hosting facilities here. Alternatively,  Contact us for more info.

I have some Aberdeenshire pictures, can I send them through?

You sure can, you can reach us through our contact page. All images will be credited, with hyperlinks to your own website.

Why do some pictures overlap the sides of the webpage ?

The Ardgrain website is designed for screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and above, which over 90% of our visitors now have. If you have a screen resolution any lower than this you may find that some pages may not display correctly. You may need to scroll left and right to see the full page.

Where possible we have given you the option of viewing the images at a smaller size so they can be seen without scrolling (for example thumbnails on pictures, and small images on the webcams).

If you are using the latest Firefox of Internet explorer with a particularly small or large screen you can also press Control with + (plus key ) to zoom in, and Control with - (minus key) to zoom out. Alternatively go to Page then Zoom in the main menu in Internext explorer, or View then Zoom from the main menu in Firefox. The text size can also be adjusted in both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

What is your policy on privacy/digital rights etc?

Our website terms and conditions should answer most of your queries. You can also reach us through our contact page.

 Help! I can't find a page!

Ardgrain is continually being updated, and this means we sometimes have to update links. We rarely remove content completely, so try searching for it using our search box feature. If something looks broken, you can always reach us through our contact page.

Who runs and maintains the Ardgrain website?

Much of the content on Ardgrain is written by Rae Younger and friends. You can find out a little bit more about Rae here.